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CAT 336E Amphibious Long Reach Excavator Hire

CAT 336E Amphibious Excavator Hire 'Swamp Monster'

Built using a CAT 336E body mounted on top of EIK Engineering-designed amphibious excavator tracks, this machine is the newest addition to the Coastwide Civil long reach excavator fleet. Capable of floating on water, the 'Swamp Monster' as it is aptly named, was purchased to operate in extremely treacherous swampy conditions, such as excavating Acid Sulphate Soils. Fitted with state of the art GPS equipment, the CAT 336E is completely self-propelled and can virtually access all terrain yet requires minimum supporting transportation and hoisting equipment.

Our amphibious excavator hire can be used for a range of projects including:

  • ​Maintenance and cleaning of waterways, lakes, shorelines, ponds, 
  • Erosion control and prevention
  • Deepening of waterways and river deltas
  • Maintenance and repair of natural environment
  • Flood protection and flood maintenance works
  • Landscape building and protection
  • Accessing difficult strands of water/soft terrain
  • Swamp and wetland construction
  • Road building through wetlands


1: Track Gauge 4820 mm
2: Track Width 7070 mm (Shoes 1950 mm)
3: Length to Centre of Rollers 6480 mm
4: Track Length 11900 mm
5: Ground Clearance 1130 mm

Maximum Dig Depth - 9.0 m
Weight - 45 Tonnes
Bucket Capacity - 0.7 m³

CAT 336E Amphibious Excavator Available For Wet Hire

All Coastwide Civil's long reach excavators are regularly serviced from their workshop at Albion Park and are available for hire across Australia and internationally. For more information or to enquire about our amphibious excavator hire, get in touch with Coastwide Civil today by clicking the contact us link below.

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