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Surveying Services

Coastwide Civil aim to stay ahead with technology, especially in relation to GPS systems and surveying. Their vast fleet of GPS equipped machinery includes standard and long reach excavators, dozers and millimetre accuracy graders. They also operate at the forefront of aerial surveying, utilising drones to provide detailed and accurate aerial photography. This allows them to quickly generate up to date surveys of their projects, tracking stockpiles, excavation and general project progress as required. This means accurate information for their clients, delivered efficiently with less time in the field. Their experienced surveyors also operate traditional surveying equipment such as robotic total stations and laser levels to provide the right surveying solution for the job.

Coastwide Civil land surveyors are CASA-approved and certified to allow legal and effective use of drone surveying on your site. With Coastwide Civil you will receive higher quality and more efficient land surveys than ever before. They have carried out GPS surveying and drone surveying as part of their civil, marine and earthworks projects across Australia and Internationally.


ASCTEC Falcon 8 Drone

The Falcon 8 is the first of Coastwide Civil's drone helicopter systems and allows them to capture extremely accurate data from the most difficult of areas on any site. With this drone, they can assess hard to reach areas from multiple angles and at close range. Coastwide Civil's land surveyor can also use this drone to carry out daily stockpile volume checks from the base station. 

MAVINICHI Sirius Pro Fixed Wing

The fixed wing drone is used for large area surveys and has a long range. It is ideal for carrying out end of month surveys for large projects, such as subdivisions, road projects or bulk earthworks projects. The use of drone surveying equipment can save a huge amount of time in carrying out your engineering survey needs.

DJI Phantom Pro Multi Rotor

The newest addition to Coastwide Civil's drone surveying fleet is suited to small and large-scale surveying jobs. Save time and effort with this surveying equipment and get the highest quality results. To find out more about Coastwide Civil's engineering survey services read these articles from the Civil Contractors Federation here or here.


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